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Our Story

“Craftsmanship is not just hand-making a product, but sharing one’s story, experience and love.”


The Pelletteria S&G team consists of members from different industries, strata & countries. Our passion is that you or somebody close will love our collection pieces as much as we have loved collaborating talent with hard work, skill and purpose to make them.

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My Hands, My Passion

Our Persistence

”I start to work in this business since I was 14 years old. Now I am now a 81 years old man, but I have never think to quit the job. Leather is my whole life.”

The Tanner 'P'

Since 14 years old, Mr Puccini Attilio started working in the first tanneries in Ponte a Egola, a small town in the leather district between Florence and Pisa, getting experience in working bovine vegetable tanned leather for leathergoods and footwear.

”I often find the inspiration from life and know that most of the modern people are looking for simple designs. It is not just simple, but must be practical and durable.”

The Designer 'M'

Our Japanese and Italian designers are working in the leather wares business and fashion magazine for over 20 years. Thanks for the close relationship with the famous worldwide department stores and living style shops, they knowledgeable in current markets & trends.

”Perhaps facing the harsh natural environment, Japanese learnt patience and persistence. Under this mind set to seek for the perfection, almost stubborn.”

The Designer 'A'

Pelletteria S&G strictly choose the wooden tool, metal equipment & spare parts from Japan. As we all know Japanese have very exact & persistence requirement. That’s what we can rely on, by then, can make the products out perfectly with our hands.

”Sometimes, to teach someone is more satisfied than everything, in particular, it can turn a new page of their life. Something they can never imagine.”

The Master 'G'

We care for social responsibility. Working members are from disadvantaged women previously struggling to find work, with our voluntary training, having the chance to contribute. With several repeated practices, finally can present in front of us their hard working fruitful result.

”We try our best adopt using pure natural raw material, especially the Leather and the Packaging. Although prices are higher, it worth to do so.”

The Creator 'S'

Pelletteria S&G monitors the production from raw materials (leather) up till finished products (leather wares), to make sure no extra wastage occur during the processing. We select a special pressed recycling paper material for the paper box, without any adding extra printing.

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Your Pace, Your Way

Pelletteria S&G wants to show you our close relationship and professional knowledge on leather and leather products, so we give up lower cost by machine production as we insist on hand made quality. To show our skillful craftsmanship, and this is what the professional specialty that we are proud of in this tiny little place – Hong Kong – in era 60-80’s of last century

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Yesterday, Now, and the future