Let us cling together

The Story of Pelletteria S&G

“Craftsmanship is not just hand-making a product, but sharing one’s story, experience and love.”


「S」stand for Sharpe Law

Different from those rich generations, to be regarded as born with golden key, but the Hongkongese born after 1980 is with leather instead.  Sharpe’s father, Mr. Joe Law, engaged in leather business career since 1978, and he started his own leather company ‘Tunenic Leather Ltd.” years after, almost the same year as Sharpe gave born.

At the age of 18,  Sharpe got by chance to study aboard in Italy alone, and started from then tied up with this beautiful country an unbreakable relationship.  During study aboard, apart from learning language & history , also worked in Nuti Ivo Group (One of the biggest & well established corporation in Italy. Nuti is the appointed leather supplier for many world known luxury brands like Hermes、LV (Louis Vuitton)、Longchamp、Chanel、Gucci、Cartier、Coach etc.), of which we have many years family business collaboration with, to learn there about professional knowledge on leather production.

With years studying aboard, Sharpe was enriched with experience & maturity. After picking up family leather business for many years, Sharpe starts to think about how to develop more with present leather foundation, and flashed in the memory about living in Italy in the olden days, that once lived in Firenze (Florence, the city famous in leather goods), and learned to know the techniques of making small leather goods in a workshop (in Italian word “Pelletteria”).  At present market trend for leather commodity is mainly based on luxury famous brands or low-end mass production brands, for which inspired Sharpe to establish an idea of bringing leather goods merged into daily live & not with mass production from factory……

from the old street corner to the main square

to come, to join

”Life is limited, but creation and imagination are unlimited. I feel regret that we just have 2 hands to achieve our dreams and goals!!”

The Master 'T'

「G」stand for GLOBAL

GLOBAL – Our world, our place, our heart.

Pelletteria S&G works with the people from the world: Our team members are professorial designers, managers and craftsman. Works for many brand names of handbags as finishing adviser and production manager. Thru these brands business co-operation we know each others. While Sharpe, as a travel lover, shares his idea of the project, we connected. By that time, 「S」met with「G」.

Tanners, designers, advisers, illustrators, co-operators, craftsmen are from the world (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan). With different cultures, histories, living styles, behaviors, but we have the SAME GLOBAL LANGUAGE – workmanship, creative and passion.

With great passion on making characteristic leather goods, at the same time we also warmhearted on charity. Conducted voluntary lesson to employment rehabilitated women, elderly people, students & edge-youth for making leather goods.  Therefore, GLOBAL chime in easily, started to design & build up S&G brand leather goods by handmade. By this means, giving a chance of new career to redeem to society.

The chemical reaction between S & G

To Think, To Act

「Pelletteria」stand for leather goods marker

Give thanks to Sharpe & his father for engaging in leather business so many years, therefore S&G can obtain full support from the one of the most leading tanneries group in Italy “The NUTI IVO Tanneries Group” (found since 1955), also the tannery of Conceria Puccini Attilio (found since 1950), one of the original founder of The Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium (Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetable).  Tanner produces specially for S&G more than 60 different colors of vegetable tanned leather, and with such countless colorful matching that achieved the unique characteristic of S&G.  In addition, Sharpe got volunteered help from long times collaborating designers of Japan & Italy famous brands. They provided us with their professional design concept, so S&G could finally bring imagination into action.

pelletteria S&G, hope we can carry on the name of Italian leather goods marker 'Pelletteria', by using our hands to stitch. To show you the long history and tradition behind the word.

The world-known leather goods birthplace

Italian Renaissance, Firenze (Florence)

Firenze (Florence)

Firenze located in the central point of Italy.  Many nobles & merchants gave big support and investment on art & crafts since mid century, which let beautiful Firenze added with new dress of Renaissance. Becoming the cradle & mother land for tide of thought of Renaissance in Europe.

This piece of land that gave birth to many great persons of arts & crafts, also raised up with many well known & stylistic brand within 10 decades, e.g. Gucci (since 1921), Salvatore Ferragamo (since 1928) & Gianfranco Lotti (since 1968). All are famous in the world with their high quality leather goods. No matter along big roads or small streets, people can feel the odor of leather in Firenze. Here, existed there more than a hundred big or small workshops, small shops & booths that are selling leather goods. Also has a leather goods college with more than a hundred years history, that provides lectures for hand-made leather goods.

However, experienced with the baptism of time. Under the mass production format of global integration, all kinds of shops already selling same commodity moulding out from same factory.  The workshop, on the street-side in the old town, that Sharpe Law once apprenticed for making hand-made leather goods, was also merged into the tide of new epoch after the retired of old master. Without any mark, but only left with sigh!