Unlimited Imagination

Practice Imagination By Our Hands

”I often find the inspiration from life and know that most of the modern people are looking for simple designs. It is not just simple, but must be practical and durable.”

The Designer 'M'

Our Craftsmanship Concept

We participate on every making of S&G small leather goods. Starting from: leather choosing, style designing, matching of colors, paper pattern cutting, stitching, trimming, quality checking & packaging, until the goods reaching your hand. We wish you can feel our passion of craftsmanship.

Our products are designed by Italian and Japanese designers. And S&G also involved the creation to provide user’s comment from the third view. All we love to get inspiration from the living life, which we believe that even a good feeling and functional tiny little thing can change your emotion and happiness.

To bring the vulnerable a new career by handicraft

One Stitch, one thread

”We try our best adopt using pure natural raw material, especially the Leather and the Packaging. Although prices are higher, it worth to do so.”

The Creator 'S'

Our Social Responsibility

At the same time, S&G care for social responsibility. Stitching members are from rehabilitated working women after our voluntary training. With several repeated practices, under the tutor and quality checking of our Italian and Hong Kong masters. Finally they can present in front of us their hard working fruitful result. To show their skillful craftsmanship and this is what the professional specialty that we are proud of in this tiny little place – Hong Kong – in era 60-80’s of last century. Please add new life to S&G small leather goods, to achieve it as a ‘Friend’ of your own.

We are proud that one of our co-operating workshop is elected as ‘Caring Company’ under ‘The Hong Kong Council of Social Service’. For the point of employing the vulnerable which provide retaining, training, placement opportunities and working opportunities.

We also praised by ‘The Hong Kong Council of Social Service’ of caring for the environment. S&G planned and established mechanisms or activities in the daily operation that have successfully promoted environmental protection. We minimize the environmental impact by using eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Our Italian vegetable tanned leather of Conceria Puccini Attilio is finished with the process of tannic compound extracted from Chestnut, Mimosa , or Quebracho, which is environmentally friendly to EU standards.

Step out from workshop to the world

Your smile, my pleasure

“It is easy to copy the outlook, but when you check the details deep inside, you will find the differences.”

The Creator 'S'

S&G Handmade Seamless Leather Products

S&G learned this unique craftsmanship from Italian craftsman master, then, make use of high-end natural vegetable tanned leather from Japan to make out a series of seamless leather goods, to present us this traditional technique which originated from Italy but no-where.

Firstly, the Master engraved wooden mold into special shape by hands, then put with pre-cut original color vegetable tanned leather into the wooden-mold, added with water to make it wet, and hammered it with wooden mallet to fix the shape. The process of hammering to fix shape needs with professional skill, with strength too hard will damage the finish of the leather surface, but with strength too small can never get to the shape that required. By the way, need to control the wetness as well, too wet will make leather difficult to fix its position, and too dry, leather will get cracks on the surface finish because of too stiff. In certain design, on one single surface may need to adopt with 2-3 pieces of leather, splicing or clipping them together after fixing the leather shape. This process need to repeat several times in order to complete one cutting-piece.

After fixing shape of each cutting-piece, need to carry on with more complicated seamless splicing process. At first, trimmed the leather edge to suitable thickness by hands, and splicing leather together with special glue, then put into another special wooden container to hammer it again repeatedly, as it can make top & bottom leather cutting-piece firmly clipped together, also can hammer out beautiful curve line.

The final process is adding colors to original color leather and polishing.  These two processes are also fully made by hands: the Master will first spread the color on leather surface in circle. Will spread 3-5 layers normally.  Then wait the color completely dry to carry on the polishing. According to tradition, will apply with agate or suitable shape and smoothness stones that found from the riverbed to do the polishing  Will add with wax when on polishing so as to make leather surface smooth & glossy, besides, wax will melt on leather surface to make the color firmly adhesive.

By then, a piece of full handmade seamless leather product is finished.

Let's Change the Moment

Make a Little Space, To be a Better Place

”Sometimes, to teach someone is more satisfied than everything, in particular, it can turn a new page of their life. Something they can never imagine.”

The Master 'G'

Below are some of our co-operating NPOs (Nonprofit Organization):

Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center

Provide a hand-made leather products lesson.

Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

Teaching youngsters about basic hand stitching skills. Listen to their old stories.

The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

Teach elders with simple leather products making.

Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School

Teach secondary students about leather industry and hand stitching skills. Sharing and interactive event with students.

Po Leung Kuk

Helping for Student Support Services, and attend to the Flea market in Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

More NPOs & Schools

Provide free leather scraps/small pieces for practicing or for their own small leather products use. Also sharing the career planning and working experience.